Play With Purpose

Corporate Team


Although we are primarily a children's entertainment company, we know that adults love to play too. We believe that by introducing moments of purposeful play and good genuine fun we can establish a foundation on which to build passion, motivation and healthy relationships – all of which are essential for establishing an environment in which growth can occur.
We offer 2 fantastic team building events, both of which encourage colleagues to work together and get to know each other better

How it all works?
A driver for each team is chosen before the time.
Experience the beauty of Cape Town by choosing either the Southern Suburbs or the Atlantic Seaboard route.
The race encourages teams to put their heads together to compete Road Blocks and decipher clues that will send them to their next destination.
The race requires that teams work together and pool their skills and talents in order to master the physical and mental challenges
Just to add a little twist and some room for strategic game planning, along the way teams must obtain certain objects and build up a photo gallery in order to qualify as winners at the end.

EXECUTIVE RACE: R375 per person – includes starting pack with bandana’s and spirit building goodies, elaborate pit stops, challenges and Road Blocks
STANDARD RACE: R320 per person – Loads of fun but no frills and fuss

How it all works:
Tribes are selected at random and required to come up with a team identity
Each tribe sets up camp by building a shelter using various materials.
Tribes now compete against each other for points in both mental and physical challenges.
Challenges emphasise the importance of communication, team work, problem solving, co-operation, establishing trust and forming strategies that work for the whole tribe.
Main objective: To demonstrate how working together can be both a fun and effective way of achieving a common goal.
All this takes place in an outdoors venue of the clients’ choice. Suggestions can be made for possible venues in the Northern and Southern Suburbs as well as the Atlantic Seaboard and Winelands.


R300 per person.
Includes all materials for all challenges, tribe bandana’s, prize for the winning team and spirit building goodies.